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Heyun devotes exclusive attention to in-depth scientific research and development with the aim to make products and production technology per market requirement. Liaoning Heyun Synthetic Rubber Institute has already been set up under the cooperation agreements successively with St. Petersburg National Synthetic Rubber Institute, Russian Yarsintez Research Institute, Topchiev Petrochemical Institute of Russian “Red Banner of Labor” Science Academy, and Dalian University of Technology. Academician WANG Fosong from Chinese Academy of Science was invited to be the chief scientist and honorary president. The principle duty of Heyun Institute is to exploit future market based on requirements and further provide new products and relevant service.

Heyun Group first invests in R&D every year and applies itself to develop advanced own technology required in market; meanwhile, Heyun also puts its energy in training technical talents who will lead synthetic rubber into future.

Heyun Group has set up first class R&D centers and pilot plants, also established multi-lateral technical cooperation platforms with colleges and science & development institutes both at home and abroad.

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